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Introducing a painless way to maintain your vehicles appearance – all year round. Whether you are you constantly on the go, enjoy the convenience of not having to drop your car off to have it cleaned, or you simply want to protect your investment then our maintenance program was built for you! 


We consider detailing a regular maintenance service to be performed often whether its done by you or us. It helps retain value for if your going to sell or trade-in later on. Or, if you lease a vehicle, it can help in not incurring additional fees when lease is up.


Whatever the reason is we have the options for you. Below, you will find that our curated routines consist of (4) details performed throughout the year.


We also offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services… right at your home or work! These pre-selected packages are based on the current condition of your vehicle and how you want it to look the whole year or we can tailor any package to fit your vehicle's needs.


Save $$$ compared to buying individual services


-Receive 20% OFF 

-Flex Payments

-Vehicle Inspection Reports

-Priority scheduling for all services

-Maintain your vehicle's appearance year-round

-Retain resale value

-Radius fee waived (if applicable)


The Prestige Package
1 Gold Detail, 3 Silver Details


This package was designed to start with our most intensive and thorough Gold Detail to breathe life back into a vehicle that may have not been regularly detailed before. The Gold Detail will include the removal of contaminants from your paint combined with a professional polish and world-class sealant. Once the vehicle's interior and paint have been refreshed, we follow that with 3 Silver Details spread out at whatever interval you would prefer to keep your vehicle looking its best. 

The Driving Experience Package
1 Gold Detail, 1 Silver, 2 Interior Details 


The Driving Experience Package was designed for our clients looking for a more interior-focused routine. Our recommended schedule for this package begins with our Gold Detail to get the vehicle back to a near-new condition using our professional-grade sealants. Our paint sealants are good for 6-9 months so utilizing the Interior Details following the Gold and Silver Details will keep the interior looking great year round while the paint stays properly protected.

The 4 Seasons Package
4 Silver Details


A quick, easy, affordable, and effective way to keep your vehicle looking like an All-Star all year. Utilize a Silver Detail at the end of each season to keep your car clean and protected for whatever next season brings.


The Bespoke Package


The Bespoke Package is precisely that, a fully-customizable routine to ensure your vehicle remains flawless all year. It begins with a consultation with one of our certified, professional detailers. We then inspect your vehicle's current condition and recommend a routine based on your personal preferences and budget. 

pre-selected packages


Corporate & FLEET


At All-Star Mobile Auto Detailing, our team of certified technicians are Boston's go-to source for all your detailing needs! Big or small, our team of certified detailers can handle it all! We are a highly experienced small operation who strives to provide professional, timely and convenient services at any mutually agreed upon location.


Our team of trusted technicians have partnered up with the finest automakers in the industry for auto shows, ride & drive events as well as corporate social events. We also work with companies and participate in employee appreciation days for employers looking to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year.

Live at a luxury property? We are also partnered with some luxury residential properties across the Boston area to provide residents with high-quality on-site detailing services at a discounted rate. Ask us about the 10% OFF resident discount we offer at your residence.


Are you interested in keeping your company vehicle or fleet of vehicles in pristine condition? Our team knows exactly what it takes when it comes to protecting and enhancing your company’s valuable image.