Silver Detail

Gold Detail


Ceramic Coating I Steam Cleaning I Paint Correction I Scuff/Scratch Removal I Smoke Odor Removal I Tree sap Removal I Clay Bar Treatment I Pet Hair Removal I Ozone Shock Treatment I Limescale/Calcium Removal I Over spray Removal and MORE...…

Interior detail

Only looking to get the inside of your vehicle detailed? Look no further. We have a few interior detailing packages where our certified technicians spend quality time getting in between hard to reach areas. Along with this cleaning, we are disinfecting, sanitizing & protecting all of your interior parts & surfaces as well.


Starting at:

Pick Up Truck I $175.00

Car I $200.00 

Sm/Md SUV I $225.00

Lg SUV I $250.00

Bronze Detail

This package is our entry level when it comes to cleaning both interior & exterior. Geared mostly towards well-maintained, lightly soiled or leased vehicles. On the interior, we perform a light cleaning and wipe down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives an eco-friendly rinseless wash & 2-3 months of protection.

Starting at:

Pick Up Truck I $225.00

Car I $250.00

Sm/Md SUV I $275.00

Lg SUV I $300.00

Our most popular package, offers a full interior detail and extra protection on the exterior. This includes leather cleaning/conditioning, shampoo of upholstery/carpets, steam clean. Fabric protection is applied to all cloth upholstery. The exterior receives a hand wash, cleaning of wheels and a 6-month sealant.

Starting at:

Pick Up Truck I $350.00

Car I $375.00

Sm/Md SUV I $400.00

Lg SUV I $425.00

This is our complete detail. Here, our Techs spend intricate time breathing new life back into your vehicle on both the interior & exterior.

You receive a deep cleaning of the interior with high-grade disinfectant products & steam clean. The exterior receives a clay bar treatment, polish and up to 6 months protection on your paint.  



Starting at:

Car I $500.00

Sm/Md SUV I $525.00

Pick Up Truck I $550.00

Lg SUV I $575.00

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