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When was the last time you waxed your car? Has it been a few months or even a few years? Maybe you just purchased a new vehicle and want to make sure your paint gets off on the right foot. If so, then a wash and wax is a great option for you. Here's what you get: clean wheels, tires and gas cap. Dress tires to make them shine. Apply a spray wax for extra shine and protection. Clean exterior glass and windows. Clay bar treatment. This service takes the wash process further using proper wash & drying techniques & methods to provide a higher quality level of service and results

Starting at:

Car I $135.00

Sm/Md SUV I $145.00

Pick Up Truck I $155.00

Lg SUV I $160.00

Only looking to get the inside of your vehicle detailed? Look no further! This is considered our level 1 cleaning. It's for lightly soiled interiors. Our technicians go over all your interior parts & surfaces. This means, a thorough vacuuming & shampooing of carpets/upholstery. Wiping down of plastic/vinyl parts like dashboard, center console, panels....and more! Blowing through all cracks & crevices as well as dusting off vents also occurs in this package. If your interested in protecting your interior view our other interior packages by clicking above to view all packages.



Starting at:

Car I $200.00

Sm/Md SUV I $225.00

Pick Up Truck I $250.00

Lg SUV I $250.00

Interior detail

Bronze Detail

This package is our entry level when it comes to cleaning both interior & exterior. Geared mostly towards well-maintained & lightly soiled vehicles. On the interior, we remove all loose items, perform a thorough vacuum, clean windows/mirrors & wipe down all interior parts & surfaces. No shampooing of seats or carpets happens here but can be added for additional cost. The exterior receives a meticulous hand wash, wheel & gas cap  cleaning, tires dressed, windows and a layer of shine & protection via our premium synthetic wax which lasts for several weeks or months.


Starting at:

Car I $250.00

Sm/Md SUV I $275.00

Pick Up Truck I $300.00

Lg SUV I $325.00


 Engine Bay Cleaning

Your engine bay will look 10x better! Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or just want to give it some well needed TLC, your engine will look much better once we’re done. Not only does a clean engine bay make your car look better (legend has it, it’s also faster), but it helps you diagnose car problems easier. You’ll be able to quickly tell where the cause of leak is or if anything has torn. A lot of our customers are worried about cleaning their engine bay themselves as they think they might cause some type of damage. And just like anything else, without the proper tools, knowledge, and skills, you could cause some damage. So when you have us go out to clean your engine, you can be sure we have all the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done properly with no damage whatsoever. 


Paint Enhancement

This service is ideal for customers who want to focus on improving the vehicles overall exterior look by removing up to 65% of imperfections in the paint that appear in the form of light scratches, swirl marks, marring & more. The goal of paint enhancement is improvement not perfection. Our technicians go through a series of steps to bring out that shine in your vehicles paint by performing a full safe hand wash, paint decontamination, clay bar treatment, panel wipe/IPA, cleaning of wheels & wheel wells, dressing of tires, wipe windows & add up to 3-6 months of protection on your paint via our premium synthetic wax. This service can be for daily drivers, older cars, new cars, and even show cars. Keep in mind this service can incur additional charges if your looking to perform a multiple stage correction or removal of specific scratches.


Ceramic Coating

At one point in time, a paste wax was the top shelf choice to enhance your vehicle’s shine while also protecting your paint from external elements like rain, bird poo, dirt, etc…Fast forward 20 years, a bunch of scientists work their magic in a lab, and we now have a far more durable and superior form of protection: ceramic coatings. A ceramic coating can provide years of protection from the elements, unbeatable gloss, and makes your vehicle easier to clean. Our trained technicians are able to apply industry-leading ceramic coatings to match your vehicle's protection needs.


Scratch/Scuff Removal

As we all know scratches or scuff marks on your vehicles paint can take away from the overall exterior look. Generally, this service is for customers looking to remove specific scratches or scuff marks on a couple of panels. Anything beyond that and you might want to consider our paint enhancement package. Pricing for this service can vary from vehicle to vehicle. In most cases, our technicians are able to fully repair scuff marks and scratches via machine compound/polish and/or wet-sanding. However, if scratches are too deep & have penetrated through layers of the clear coat, this could pose a tougher challenge when looking to improve that area 100% percent. In that case, touch-up paint may be needed which is an additional charge.



  • Baby car seat

  • Headlight restoration

  • Calcium/Limescale removal

  • Smoke odor removal

  • Tree sap removal

  • Overspray removal

  • Steam cleaning

  • Mold removal

Are There any Additional Charges?

YES, there can be! Although we don't charge taxes, our services do have a 'STARTING AT' price because there may be scenarios where an additional level of attention is needed therefore incurring an additional cost. Some of these things could pertain to either the interior or exterior: Excessive Dirt, Sand or Personal Belongings, Mold/Mildew, Scratch/Scuff Marks/Swirl Marks, Debadge/Decal Removal, Specific Stains or Spills, Smoke/Malodor Removal, Tree Sap, Water Spot Removal & anything else we feel may be a cause for an additional charge. Please note, customers who do not remove personal belongings/excessive mess from vehicle will be subject to additional fees.

Typically, the process to remove these issues/concerns does involve additional efforts in that it can be time-sensitive, labor-intensive, require the proper knowledge, equipment & technique. Please make sure to add this if you have any of these going at the time of your appointment request. Click below to read more frequently asked questions regarding how we operate.

Detail Packages and Pricing
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