🌧 Weather may play a factor with some packages.

Only looking to get the inside of your vehicle detailed? Look no further! In this package our technicians will provide a cleaning throughout all of your interior parts, plastics & surfaces. This means, a thorough vacuuming, shampooing of carpets,/upholstery/leather is cleaned & condition, door panels cleaned, center console, vents, glass & door jams.


Starting at:

Car I $200.00

Sm/Md SUV I $225.00

Pick Up Truck I $250.00

Lg SUV I $250.00

Bronze Detail

This package is our entry level when it comes to cleaning both interior & exterior. Geared mostly towards well-maintained & lightly soiled vehicles. On the interior, we perform a light cleaning and wipe down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives a meticulous eco-friendly rinseless wash followed by 2-3 months of protection.


Starting at:

Car I $250.00

Sm/Md SUV I $275.00

Pick Up Truck I $300.00

Lg SUV I $325.00

Our most popular package, offers a full interior detail and extra protection on the exterior. This includes a thorough cleaning through cracks & crevices. Shampoo of upholstery/carpets/mats. Leather cleaning/conditioning & wiping down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives an intricate eco-friendly hand wash, cleaning of wheels, tires dressed and up to 6 months protection on the paint.

Starting at:

Car I $400.00

Sm/Md SUV $425.00

Pick Up Truck I $450.00

Lg SUV I $475.00

Silver Detail

Gold Detail

This is our complete detail where our technicians spend intricate time breathing new life back into your vehicle on both the interior & exterior. This means you receive a deep cleaning of the interior which includes steam cleaning of all interior parts, plastics & vinyl surfaces. The exterior gets a thorough wash & decontamination of the paint before applying up to 6 months of protection on the paint via a paint sealant. Engine bay is also cleaned. 

Starting at:

Car I $525.00

Sm/Md SUV I $550.00

Pick Up Truck I $575.00

Lg SUV I $600.00

Interior detail

Looking to protect your vehicle long-term?

A ceramic coating can provide years of protection from the elements, unbeatable gloss, and makes your vehicle easier to clean. Our trained technicians are able to apply industry-leading ceramic coatings to match your vehicle's protection needs.

Are there any additional charges?

YES! Our services have a 'starting at' price because there may be scenarios where some things require an additional level of attention such as: Dirt, Pet Hair, Excessive Sand, Mold/Mildew, Scratch/Scuff Marks/Swirl Marks, Debadge/Decal Removal, Specific Stains or Spills, Smoke/Malodor Removal, Clay Bar Treatment/Paint Decontamination, Tree Sap, Water Spot Removal & anything else we feel may be a cause for an additional charge. Please note, customers who do not remove personal belongings/excessive mess from vehicle will be subject to additional fees.

Typically, the process to remove these issues/concerns does involve additional efforts in that it can be very labor-intensive, require the proper knowledge, equipment & technique. Please make sure to add this if you have any of these going at the time of your appointment request.

Want the VIP Treatment?


All-Star Mobile Detail Boston
All-Star Mobile Detail Boston
All-Star Mobile Detail Boston
All-Star Mobile Detail Boston