Silver Detail

Gold Detail

Interior detail

Only looking to get the inside of your vehicle detailed? Look no further! We have multiple interior detailing packages where our certified technicians spend quality time getting in between hard to reach areas, cracks & crevices. Overall, these packages look to clean, disinfect, sanitize & even protect your interior parts, surfaces, leather or upholstery.


Starting at:

Car I $200.00

Sm/Md SUV I $225.00

Pick Up Truck I $250.00

Lg SUV I $250.00

Bronze Detail

This package is our entry level when it comes to cleaning both interior & exterior. Geared mostly towards well-maintained & lightly soiled vehicles. On the interior, we perform a light cleaning and wipe down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives a meticulous eco-friendly rinseless wash followed by 2-3 months of protection.

Starting at:

Car I $250.00

Sm/Md SUV I $275.00

Pick Up Truck I $300.00

Lg SUV I $325.00

Our most popular package, offers a full interior detail and extra protection on the exterior. This includes a thorough cleaning through cracks & crevices. Shampoo of upholstery/carpets/mats. Leather cleaning/conditioning & wiping down of all interior parts & surfaces. The exterior receives an intricate eco-friendly hand wash, cleaning of wheels, tires dressed and up to 6 months protection on the paint.

Starting at:

Car I $375.00

Sm/Md SUV $400.00

Pick Up Truck I $425.00

Lg SUV I $450.00

This is our complete detail where our technicians spend intricate time breathing new life back into your vehicle on both the interior & exterior. This means you receive a deep cleaning of the interior followed by steam cleaning to sanitize all high-touch surfaces, parts, plastics & vinyl. The exterior receives a paint decontamination, polish and up to 6 months protection on the paint.  

Starting at:

Car I $500.00

Sm/Md SUV I $525.00

Pick Up Truck I $550.00

Lg SUV I $575.00

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