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Owning an electric vehicle entails understanding how to properly wash and maintain it. When it comes to EV detailing services, our skilled technicians have partnered with leading EV automakers in the industry like TESLA & LUCID for new car preparation services as well as maintaining EV's for test drive customers interested in buying a TESLA. We have also partnered with other leading automakers in the industry to maintain their EV's like BMW, KIA & PORSCHE to assist with ride-and-drive events, auto shows, and more. As the Official Detailer for TESLA - Boston Boylston St. (Prudential Center), you can be confident that your vehicle will be in capable hands!

At All-Star Mobile Auto Detailing, we specialize in electric vehicle detailing, using only the most current EV-safe products and techniques. Our goal is to not only ensure the safety of your vehicle throughout the detailing process but also to enhance its appearance to surpass the day it left the assembly line.

Tesla, along with numerous other electric vehicle manufacturers, advises against using a standard automated car wash. The last thing you want is to take your new electric vehicle and risk damaging it through a "soft-touch" car wash or, worse, causing thousands of dollars in damage.


To ensure we can help extend the life of your new EV and maintain it in pristine condition, we have customized our operations to better serve these types of vehicles. It can be difficult to find the time and expertise needed to clean electric vehicles regularly.


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