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When it comes to fleet detailing services, finding the time, manpower, and expertise for regular cleaning can be a tall task. Our skilled technicians have partnered with an array of companies in the Boston area to ensure we can help extend the life of their company vehicle(s) and maintain them in pristine condition! 


At All-Star Mobile Auto Detailing, we have customized our operations to better serve these types of vehicles. Our goal is to not only ensure the safety of your vehicle throughout the detailing process but also to enhance its appearance by using only the most current safe products and techniques.


We recognize that vehicles can undergo significant stress and their overall value can be greatly reduced if not properly cared for. Expect nothing less than professional, convenient service when you request All-Star Mobile Auto Detailing to assist with your company fleet's maintenance needs. 


Finding the time and expertise required to regularly clean company vehicles can be challenging.

To ensure that we can assist in extending the lifespan of your company vehicles and preserving them in pristine condition, we have tailored our operations to better cater to these vehicle types.


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