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Are walk-ins available?

Not at this time. Our office is at 90 Canal St. 4th Floor Suite 400 Boston, MA 02115. However, we do not detail out of here. This address helps us stay within our service area as well as be transparent with our customers. We are a 100% mobile detailing service who prides itself on providing the most convenient service possible by coming to you, whether it is at your home, office, parking garage/lot or any agreed upon location.


Is an appointment required?

Yes. We understand the value of your time and are only able to service your vehicle with an appointment. Appointments are made online and are considered requests only. This means when you put in your request, it's not guaranteed until we confirm it. We will contact you within (24) hours of requesting an appointment to confirm additional information. 

Is weather ever a factor?

Yes. Because we tend to work outdoors a lot, we have to factor in weather such as rain, high winds, snow, sleet, cold & hot temps. During the winter season, if temps are too low, it can affect in performing a quality mobile service. To preform a quality interior detail temps have to be at least 35 degrees and 40 degrees for exterior cleaning. During the summer months, we factor in high temps and the conditions we are working under. Overall, this is a case by case pending the weather on that day. This can change if you have indoor access. If you have any further questions about whether we can complete a detail please feel free to reach out to us.

Cancellations and rescheduling policy?

We require at least 24 hour notice from scheduled appointment for cancellations or reschedule. Please note if the appointment is a no-show or cancelled in less than 24 hours, there will be a $50 cancellation fee. For more info view our REFUND POLICY.


How much is a Detail? 

Our prices range and it typically depends on the size of your vehicle, the service & condition. For complete details on pricing & packages visit SERVICES. Additional charges may apply for things like excessive dirt, sand or personal belongings, mold/mildew, scratch/scuff marks/swirl marks, de-lettering or decal removal, specific heavy stains or spills, smoke/,malodor removal, tree sap, water spot removal & anything else we feel may be a cause for an additional charge.

How long does a Detail take? 

This can vary from an hour and a half to several hours, depending on the vehicle type, condition of vehicle, package & how many technicians are working.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards or cash. A credit card MUST be stored at the time of booking appointment. We will not charge any amount on your card at this time. The card being stored is per our cancellation and/or no show policy. At the end of the detail appointment, you will either be sent an invoice or we will collect payment on the spot. If you are sent an invoice, it must be paid that same day by 7pm. If payment is not received by 7pm your card on file will be charged the following day. For more info view our REFUND POLICY.

Do I need to store a credit card before my appointment?

Yes, a credit card does need to be added when requesting an appointment. Before we can completely confirm your appointment request, a card does need to be on file. Keep in mind, your credit card will not be charged at this time. This is per our cancellation/no-show policy. Please make sure to check off all necessary boxes to save card. If for some reason the card does not store, we will reach out to you. At the end of your detail appointment, you will be sent an invoice and that is when you can pay with the card on file. For more info view our REFUND POLICY.

Do I need a driveway? 

No. We perform our services under many different scenarios. Our detailing team is trained to perform services in garages, both on-street & off-street, parking lots, driveways, indoor spaces (convention center, showrooms...etc). If at any of these locations we need permission to be there, we ask that you (the customer) seek approval of on-site property manager, concierge...etc. If we are going to work in a paying garage, the total for our team to be there will be added to the customers total. Unless, perhaps the customer can manage to have us there free of charge.


Why is professional vehicle detailing better then an automatic car wash?

Automatic car washes are very abrasive, and can scratch, swirl and damage your vehicles paint. They also utilize harsh chemicals that may remove wax and any protective coating your vehicle may have. Our hand washing techniques prevent any abrasives from ever coming in contact with your vehicles finish and help restore that new car shine. Our PAINT CORRECTION process can even help restore damage that may have already been done to your vehicle’s finish.


What happens if it ends up raining on the day my detail is scheduled for?

We keep a close eye out on the weather. If the weather doesn’t hold on up on the day of your scheduled detail, we’ll be sure to reach out and reschedule to the next available date. 

How much room do you need in order to detail the vehicle?

In order for us to efficiently perform our services we need to able to walk around the entire vehicle and be able to open all the doors fully. If you’re having your vehicle detailed in your work parking lot, try and leave a buffer space on each side of the vehicle when parking if possible.


What is required on the day of the appointment?

Prior to arrival, the vehicle should be emptied of all personal belongings. Two areas we don't generally go into is the armrest & glove compartment areas because people tend to store personal things in these areas. We can wipe down these areas if all items have been removed by you (the customer).


How about access to electricity?

When it comes to power we don't always need access to it. Typically, depends on where we are working. We do carry a quiet generator for power, but depending on where we are working it may be best to plug into an on-site power outlet. In that case, vehicle owner will kindly provide us with where we can find a working outlet. It can be indoor or outdoor.

How about access to water?

Typically, when performing an exterior cleaning we offer a couple of different wash methods; a rinseless wash, bucket wash method or a combination of both. Sometimes we connect our hose to a working water spigot on-site. In that case, vehicle owner will just provide us with where we can find a working water spigot. If your unfamiliar with a rinseless wash, this is the most technologically advanced car wash system to date and one of the only alternative products that cleans and protects your vehicle as well as the environment. No Rinse Wash & Shine is an eco-friendly product that does not require rinsing with a hose since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off into the storm drains and will also reduce the water usage to a fraction of a conventional car wash. Either way, all of these options provide a safe wash to your vehicle.

I have a car seat in my vehicle, will you remove it?

While we do clean car seats & booster seats (if requested), we ask that if you do have a car seat present in your vehicle, please remove it prior to us performing the detail. 


Do you remove the seats when performing interior details?

We do not remove bolted down seats from your vehicle when performing interior detailing. Improper installation of seats after removal can cause a safety hazard for our customers. Newer vehicles have safety sensors and airbags installed in the seats and improper removal and installation can compromise your safety.


What do I do with my personal belongings?

Whenever performing any interior detail service, we ask that you please remove any personal belongings from your vehicle. If you have any trash inside your vehicle, our technicians will be happy to dispose of it for you.

Is there a membership program?

If you are interested in having frequent (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly) cleanings on set dates for a discounted rate click MAINTENANCE PROGRAM to view further details. You will need to email us so we can sign you up.

Are discounts offered?

Yes, if you subscribe via email or text you will be able to receive coupons & deals. Coupons and deals cannot be combined.

Do you work after hours?

Yes. We are open to making accommodations for services after our working hours if we have available staff, scope of the work & location where the job will be performed. There is an hourly fee of $100/hr. This charge is additional to the service/package you select. 

Do you guarantee 100% removal of scratches, stains or odors?

Our detail techs will try their very best to resolve these issues while preserving the integrity of your vehicle. Scratches, stains or odors are not always guaranteed to come out or be removed 100%. Every situation is variable. If a stain has been on a surface too long or a certain chemical the damage may be permanent. Some odors may be real challenging and techs are only able to mitigate it in the that cleaning. Scratches can be deep and 100% isn't achievable.


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